America The Wounded

More Power To You!

The power of WAR to endlessly wound
Or the power of LOVE to begin to heal!

Evil has taken the American people hostage. To buy back our peace of mind, we’re being extorted for billions of military-industrial dollars. The war on terror has become the moral equivalent of WWII: The 21st century’s Good War.

Yet even the 20th century’s Good War is not all it’s cracked up to be. Neville Raymond debunks the wisdom of marshaling the world’s armies to run down a man who crusaded against the West as the premier mastermind of mass murder. The Genesis of Genocide is about the granddaddy of global coalitions, and how it fought to ‘save’ civilization by helping it to avoid grappling with its real demons – children robbed of a birthright of love, authority figures raised up as almighty reinforcements of harsh, punitive parents, and major religions organized around two complementary patterns of child abuse.

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“This is a fascinating book.”
Mark Haefele, Host, KPFK, “Up for Air”

“I am touched with the depth of spirit and brilliance of your work…”
C.A. Lebo, President, New Life Options

Rabbi David Montag


A Sampling of Topics

  • What crown jewel of Judeo-Christian morality made the Final Solution possible
  • Why Abraham is the patron saint of the Nazi defendants at Nuremberg
  • The role of the Chosen Mystique in setting up Capital Jews as magnets of blame
  • How the sacrifice of one innocent Jew on the Cross was parleyed by the Swastika into the holocaust of six million
  • If Anne Frank and Adolph Hitler started out as a couple innocent kids, why did they turn out so different
  • Why conditional love is the motherload of racism
  • What causes an accomplished people – or an honor student – to go off on a killing spree
  • How the campaign to demonize Hitler created a generation of Hitler wannabes
  • The karma of the Crematoria

Quotations From The Book


Armed with these words – scratched on the walls of a Cologne cellar where Jews hold up from Nazis – THE GENESIS OF GENOCIDE explores the Holocaust as the dark night of the Judeo-Christian soul. Starting with children as the most systematically persecuted minority on earth, it runs the gamut of child sacriice to child abuse, shedding a dazzling light at every step on the breakdown of goodness and the origins of the Holocaust.

Good And Evil As Legacies of Love and Abuse

“Given a childhood foundation of love, the mightiest assembly of forces for waging blitzkrieg could not keep the sanguine serenity in Anne Frank from shining forth to touch millions of lives…. Given a childhood foundation of violent abuse, the most concerted diplomacy in the cause of world peace could not keep the sanguinary rage in Hitler from erupting to torch millions of lives” [p. 21]

Every Perpetrator Was Once Just As Innocent As His Victim

“Conventional wisdom has it that those who aggress against innocent people owe a debt to society. The truth is, children are as innocent as people get, and only learn to aggress after other solutions fail to win their due of love. Rather than criminals paying a debt to society, society should pay its debt to them. For no one is a criminal who has not been first robbed of a birthright of loving nurture, and then put at risk for the murder of his lovable nature” [p. 79]

Why The Abuse Excuse Won’t Fly In A Society Hooked On The Cross

“Every child, born to anyone, in any time and place, is a Christ Child, who only grows up to carry as much evil on his head as the world around him is loathe to own.
Critics pooh-pooh the ‘abuse excuse’ – the idea of a criminal evading responsibility for his acts by claiming an abusive childhood. What about the flipside – an innocent child taking the rap for our collective crimes, so that society does not have to pay the ultimate price for its guilt?
That is ballyhooed as such capital ideal that an entire religion has sprung up around it!” [p. 183]

Playing Dumb As A Guiltless Way Of Staying Numb

“The other day a major metropolitan paper ran a feature on kids, guns and parental responsibility. It related to how the mother of one of the students involved in the Jonesboro shoot-out, went throught he motions of racking her memory, ‘looking for some tip-off that her son, her Mitch, would at age 13 conspire with a buddy to steal an arsenal, set up an ambush. Massacre his classmates.’

The newspaper reporter politely accepted at face value her claim that she came up empty-handed.

This is the kind of learned ignorance which, right next to learned helplessness, makes holocausts inevitable. When Germans had ovens of genocidal rage operating in their own backyards, and claimed not to know what was going on, the world gasped in incredulity. When an Arkansas mother, who raised her flesh and blood under her roof for 13 years, claims not to know anything of the monumental build-up of rage that finally consumed him, the world blandly swallows her denial.” [pp. 274-275]