The Genesis Of Genocide

“Neville Raymond clearly thinks outside the box. I was blown away by his book. Now, after interviewing him, I am a thousand times more impressed!”

Louie Free, Louie Free Radio, ‘The Intelligent Alternative – Brain Food for the Heartland’, Youngstown, Ohio.

“Raymond’s concept is original and fascinating. I found myself much more engrossed in reading the book than I had anticipated. He has definitely added a new twist and angle in the attempt to under how and why the Holocaust occurred…”

Alvin Baraff, PhD, author of ‘Men Talk: How Men Really Feel about Women, Sex, Relationships and Themselves’

“If you have a child, you need to get this book.”

Jack Stockwell, K-Talk Radio, Salt Lake City

“Neville Raymond takes us on an intellectual rough ride. He makes us look at the origins of good and evil and makes the case that good and evil sprout from the same ground…He uses the players in the Holocaust as a metaphor for a much broader condition and forces us to consider whether we have learned anything at all from the evil that men do.”

Ray Hall, ‘Both Sides Now’, WJTN News Talk, Jamestown, New York

“Steps firmly like David into the ring of Shoah writers with new thoughts, synergistic conclusions and stones to awaken the giants of the field. Well-researched and expressed in powerful language, this unique point of view for healing deserves personal examination…Sure to shake your concepts from a sleepy norm and challenge you to look again at the nature of being human.”

Cynthyny Lebo, Publishing Trade Analyst

“The Genesis of Genocide revolutionized my understanding of my childhood and my culture. I suddenly realized that I was, in fact, fulfilling the role of the culture hero, exactly as Neville Raymond described it. I had been brought up to take to heart Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac. I am a brilliant overachiever – at overwhelming personal cost. To hook up the ultimate pain of child abuse to the myth of the Chosen People – what a blinding blaze of insight.”

David Lionel, Political Video Producer and Editor

“Here Neville Raymond! Just take my soul – because you write about what is in my soul.”

Mary Stockwell, teacher, mother housewife