“Men die because they cannot link together the beginning to the end.”
Alcmaeon of Croton (c. 500 B.C.)


Wouldn’t it be something if the mass shootings that are a fixture of modern-day life in America were a holdover from a time when the earth was a shooting gallery for the heavens?

Or if unmanned aerial vehicles make a killing fields of the earth today because once upon a time man revered as gods the celestial forces that rained death and destruction from on high?

Wouldn’t it boggle the mind to know that the catastrophic fallout from comets long dreaded as bad news continues to inform the bad news we read about in the morning papers?

Or that the most significant impact of fireballs from the sky are not giant craters in the ground but gaping holes in the ground of our being?

Wouldn’t that radically alter our perception of how the world is organized?


Once in a while a book flips a switch in our brains and changes the way we think.

The Reparenting Revolution is such a book.

And it begins by asking, Why is mankind such a nervous wreck?


Love is the principle by which we organize the prosocial order of our being.

Why then has power been the organizing principle for society for thousands of years?

We do justice to our humanity by loving it unconditionally.

Why then does our system of justice have more in common with a supernatural dispensation of hell and damnation than a natural one of nurture and affection?

Our need for love, our affirmative zest for life, is rooted in our mammalian biology.

Why then our cultural obsession with death, our compulsive mania for destruction?


A logical place to start is what we know from first-hand experience.

A soul-searing history of battery, rape, abandonment and neglect, is not good for the development of children.
We know it breeds social deviance and all kinds of sociopathic behavior.

What of human history as a cavalcade organized by the four horsemen of the apocalypse?
Doesn’t it occur to us to wonder what kind of universal background of death and destruction could account for history as such an encyclopedic dossier of crimes against humanity?


If no mass murderer ever had a happy childhood, what can be extrapolated from our collective history of serial wars, massacres, conquests and enslavements on a scale unimaginable?

Can we safely deduce that mankind was terrorized from the cradle?

And if mankind had a childhood from hell, who or what was responsible?

Who were the authority figures who acted like abusive parents?

Who were the martial arts teachers of mass murder and mayhem?

Who were the demented role models that demanded that grown-ups be immolated as burnt offerings and children be initiated in crucibles of fire?

In whose name did rulers oppress, exploit and enslave their fellow man?

And to the greater glory of what beings did they launch endless cycles of invasions, conquests and wars?


It’s time to draw the conclusion that has been building up for centuries.

Our preoccupation with judgmental forms of violence and destruction in the present is a sure-fire sign of an apocalyptic Day of Judgment in the past.

The human condition is seen clearly through the optics of childhood trauma.

There is our trauma as individuals. And then there is our trauma as a species.

And this book is the first attempt to synthesize the two to ignite a revolutionary new understanding of history.


The premise of The Reparenting Revolution is as stark as it is simple.

Our species suffered a series of near-death experiences.

Ancient myths and legends speak of a Day of Destruction.

Modern findings in geology and astrophysics prove it.

And yet no reckoning has been made of its horrific toll on the human psyche.

The handful who survived these earth-shattering catastrophes were equal to the task of repopulating the earth – but they were in no shape to cope with their nerve-shattering trauma.

And the ramifications of their trauma-crazed legacy has gone unnoticed and unexplored.


Those who survived the cosmic firebombing of earth were de facto parents of humanity – mother and father of the never-ending barrage of assaults they passed on to the family of man.

They could not very well remain grounded in their beings under such an insupportable weight of trauma. And so they split off from their humanity to identify with the celestial forces that aggressed against them, idolizing them as objects of worship known as gods.

The flip side of man’s faith in gods is a corrosive distrust of human nature. Supernatural commands to please gods displace man’s natural instincts to find joy and pleasure in his being.

A reign of terror instituted by doomsday gods launches the first wave of man’s inhumanity to man in the form of infanticide, blood sacrifice, initiation rites, cannibalism, and slavery.


The institution of kingship is a spin-off from this primal split in our psychology.

Man is no longer ruled by impulses that spring from his humanity.

He is by ruled by men who, as self-avowed gods, would be ruled certifiably insane today.

They propagated their rule by making over the social order in their schizoid image.

As deranged beings who were split off from themselves, they necessarily presided over a society of estranged beings who were cut off from each other.

This is the ancient origin of the power principle – divide and conquer.

The power structure has always perpetuated itself by breeding division and discord, conflict and strife in the social body.

The wrath-crazed judgments of gods are channeled through vengeful judgments of men.

A political order founded on a penal or punitive dispensation gives rise to a second wave of man’s inhumanity to man in the form of incarceration, torture, executions, genocide and war.


We pride ourselves on a separation of church and state.

The dark, ugly truth is religion and politics are joined at the hip.

The belief in gods would have died a natural death – were it not enmeshed in a state of co-dependence with a power elite with grandiose delusions of godhead.

Once the psyche is branded with a doomsday imprint, religion makes a show of saving us from the wrath of gods, but actually controls us through a manufactured fear and terror of gods.

Political authority is cut from the same whole cloth as religion.

It too puts on a great show of protecting us from the wrath of our fellow man but in actuality controls us through a manufactured fear and terror of our fellow man.

And so it is that the trail of blood and tears that hark back to religious man as bedfellow of the gods broadens into the terrors of history – the mass deportations and inquisitions, the global privations, purgations and conflagrations that trace back to the politics of men playing god.


Man evolved from the apes, but our religious and political order has always been a crash adaptation to the monstrous gods that terrorized man in the form of comets, planets and meteors.

Through a cosmic war of the worlds, a loving species designed by nature for cooperation and community becomes an embattled one whose history is defined by competition and carnage.

A parental model for raising the weak and small to be sovereign beings in their own right is upended by a predatory model that is bent on keeping people in peonage and nonage.

The key is to understand how cosmic catastrophes dislodged us from our heart center and led to a centralization of political rule. Only then can we run the process in reverse to demystify the power principe, break the spell of authority, and recover the loving essence of our humanity.


In a practical sense, the book is a suicide helpline for the human race.

Its stream of heart-opening insights and groundbreaking observations is poured out in the hopes of talking mankind kind down from the ledge of a dystopian future to live out the utopian possibilities of progress.

For there we are, even after all this time, still trapped by racial memories of frantically jumping off the deep end, as the burning edifice of nature slides apocalyptically into the abyss.


A celestial sword of Damocles may as well be hanging over us, for all the secure foothold we have on earth.

Life is a constant struggle to survive for most of us.

The freedom to live to the full is beyond our reach.

Our potential is squelched and squandered as a matter of course.

Our humanity is mutilated and maimed by a battery of ritual ordeals.

And our idea of keeping order is to weaponize the judgment of gods and return us to the stardust from which we came.


Support for a power-mad structure still comes from old-school methods of parenting that recycle a traumatic past by conditioning each generation to harden and toughen itself against it.

We don’t need violent upheavals to revolutionize the world because they already have! The breakaway moment will come with a revolution in reparenting – a grassroots movement that gifts every human being on this planet with his or her birthright of unconditional love.

As we release our collective trauma and recover our sanity, the realignment with our humanity triggers at last a seismic shift from a power-centered paradigm to a love-centered one.

The latest developments in anthropology, geology and cosmology confirm the extraterrestrial violence that is the foundation of civilization.

The latest developments in psychology and social science confirm something altogether different – the intrinsic love that is the foundation of humanity.


Now that we know that the dominant values of the civilized order – our worship of gods, our rule by power-mad men masquerading as gods, our cult of authority figures, our ideology of domination, our atavistic confusion of justice with punishment – all derive from a hideous breakdown of cosmic order, we can triage the emergency care our wounded race is dying to receive.

The cosmic order repaired itself a long time ago.

All that remains is to rebuild the integral order of humanity.

A race that moves mountains can move mountains of pent-up trauma out of its way.

A species that mines its cognitive intelligence to triumphantly bend nature to its will can source its emotional intelligence to therapeutically realign society with its heart and soul.

We have always known a culture of empathy and compassion, a society of cooperation and mutual support is what it takes to fulfill our long-awaited destiny – the brotherhood of man.

A cosmology of violence from the birth of history made our killer civilization what it is.

A biology of love from the birth of life makes us the joyous species we are.