“Out of a desperate need to be accepted by friends and neighbors, we go along with a system that pits us against each other. Out of the fear of looking crazy, we do our best to fit into a society run by crazy people for crazy objectives.”
Chapter 3: Dominating Through Emotional Jujitsu

“How can we ever be true to life by being disconnected from our life force?
How can we pretend that someone is a realist who is a pathologically unrealized being, out of touch with the authentic self?”
Chapter 4: Hanging the Standard of Humanity Upside Down

“Psychology opened our eyes to childhood trauma. It is time to open our eyes to the collective trauma that we inherited from the violence-wracked childhood of the human race.”
Chapter 6: Symptoms of PTSD Left Untreated in Perpetuity

“Could it be that the only way we can actually make an appearance in the sheer magnificence of our humanity is by coming to terms with the impact of the cataclysmic forces that virtually caused our disappearance as a species?”
Chapter 8: Rekindling the Human Brand From the Abyss of Extinction

“The paradigm shift of the future comes not from behaviorist labs or detention centers but personal growth workshops. People are likelier to spill their guts when vulnerable in a tender loving space than when they have to armor themselves in a traumatizing one.”
Chapter 10: Love As the Oracular Path to Knowledge

“Life is hard because we grow hardened to the suffering around us and hard of hearing to each other’s cries. We have to soften our hearts to enjoy the soft life. We have to be good to each other to have the good life.”
Chapter 11: Power of Psychology to Shrink the World

“A cosmic fist once smashed into earth and knocked man unconscious. When man came to, he longer remembered who he was, and remade himself according to a woo-woo construct.”
Chapter 12: Putting the World Together – The Flip Side of E=MC2

“If the grandiose delusions of the power structure were not enshrined as real, the biological foundations of our species would not be derided as unreal.”
Chapter 14: Dismissing the Foundations of Human Nature as Airy-Fairy

“Luckily, we have never had to experience how we would fly off into space without the bonds of gravity. But history books and police blotters are crammed with cases of how we lose our grounding in our humanity and fly off the deep end without the gravity of love to bind us to one another.”
Chapter 15: Power As the Seminal Superstition

“How rational is it for grown-ups to mock the touchy-feely power of love, when without it their brains wouldn’t have developed as infants?”
Chapter 16: Don’t Go Changing Human Nature

“Trust, vulnerability, guilelessness, guiltlessness – these are innate qualities in children. If a brain trust of sages and experts sat down to compile a laundry list of qualities that our species would need, to get along as one Big Happy Family, they couldn’t do any better than arrange for our young to possess the same set of precious qualities that they already bring into the world in such abundance! How then can world brotherhood be a pipe dream when nature evidently goes out of her way to make it child’s play?”
Chapter 18: The Brotherhood of Man Has Always Been Child’s Play

“Strip away everything and the conservation of love is the only thing that keeps us going. The child as we know spells love as T-I-M-E. The child within us spells it as T-I-M-E-L-E-S-S.”
Chapter 19: Enough with Catastrophes – It’s Time for A Eucatastrophe

“The real story of civilization is not the downfall of hundreds of royal pretenders who had no business claiming a fictitious kinship with gods. It is the dethroning of billions of our kind who are born to be treated like royalty.”
Chapter 21: The Only Thing Worse than Being Eaten by a Monster is Identifying with It

“The Founding Fathers recognized monarchy as the 1000 lb. gorilla in the room, but the constitutional framework they built to cage up this monster was less an iron cage than a cheap plastic one.”
Chapter 23: The Divine Right of Kongs

“In horror movies, King Kong always falls from atop a skyscraper. In real life, the skyscrapers fall and the Kongs of capital go from strength to strength, aggrandizing their claims of world dominion by destabilizing continents, crashing economies and igniting world conflagrations.”
Chapter 23: The Divine Right of Kongs

     “When the mother of all revolutions broke out against the conservative bedrock of our humanity, history became a prolonged reign of terror for our young. It was not a matter of howling mobs taking up muskets and bayonets against kings, but screaming hordes of parents who come armed with whips and canes to break a child’s spirit and beat him out of the right to be a sovereign being.”
Chapter 25: A Regicidal Campaign Spanning the Ages

“Archaic fantasies of babies born plotting to dominate the world are the Magna Carta of child abuse. And to this day we dishonor our royal birthright by swallowing fantastic theories of  infantile omnipotence, while blandly dismissing as conspiracy theories all the ways in which our institutional guardians actually work to achieve an omnipotent control over our lives.”
Chapter 25: A Regicidal Campaign Spanning the Ages

“Conservatism is the ideology of the Trashcan Baby. And one man’s trash is another’s treasure in a civilization that treasures the Trashcan Baby as God’s gift to mankind.”
Chapter 28: Traditional Conservatism – The Ideology of the Trashcan Baby

“We don’t have to build interstellar rockets to reach heaven. We can just reach out and touch our beloved’s face.”
Chapter 29: Making Each Other Happy is What It Means to be Human

“For what defines us as a species is not our brain or our ability to walk on two legs or invent the wheel. It is our unique capacity to complete and make each other happy.”
Chapter 29: Making Each Other Happy is What It Means to be Human

“Unlike companies that offer space tourists a chance to see how beautiful our planet looks from space, there is a company that enables us to experience how beautiful our planet can be right here on the ground. It is the company of our father and mother.”
Chapter 30: Space Center For Achieving Heaven On Earth

“Other species live longer than man. None is genetically programmed to love longer.”
Chapter 32: Who Needs Legendary Camelots When We Can Have the Real Thing

“The same impetus for commanding heights that drove feudal lords to build castles on hills drives their descendants to build fortresses in space.”
Chapter 34: The Quest for Full-Spectrum Dominance

“Before man went into space, space came to man. The lethal effluvia of space penetrated the earthly sphere and made a proto-astronaut of man.”
Chapter 35: The Low-Tech Space Program

“Judges armed with the hammer of justice are predisposed to see evil nailed everywhere.”
Chapter 37: Imagineering Evil Into Existence

“What is now proved was once only imagined. And if evil is not innate in man, it follows that all the evildoing painstakingly that is proved in courts of laws was once simply imagined.”
Chapter 37: Imagineering Evil Into Existence

“Gooey sentiments gum up the machinery of punitive justice. That is why emotional deadening is perpetuated from one generation to the next.”
Chapter 38: Emotional Emasculation

“Glorifying the he-man belies the fact he is an emotional weakling who lacks the courage to be himself.”
Chapter 38: Emotional Emasculation

“As the celestial forces of chaos and destruction are deified, children are demonized as specters of chaos and destruction. This is the enabling myth for child abuse.”
Chapter 39: The Demonization of Babies – The Enabling Myth of Child Abuse

“We merge our identity with disembodied gods by making enemies of our own flesh and blood and declaring war on it.”
Chapter 39: The Demonization of Babies – The Enabling Myth of Child Abuse

“As for war, it is the auto-immune disorder of the human race, where perfectly healthy organs are attacked by our own system of defenses.”
Chapter 40: A Model of Teaching Based on a Cosmic Blunder

“And in the end, our way of saving ourselves from a few demented souls with nothing to live for is to put our trust in leaders who amass enough weapons to commit planetary suicide.”
Chapter 41: The Milgram Paradigm. As a Fixture of History

“A warrior mindset is an extension of an ascetic one. A militaristic agenda to kill the children of Adam is as mystical as a monastic one to kill the Old Adam.”
Chapter 42: The Golden Rule Becomes as Sounding Brass

“You have a problem with Jihadis who kill for heaven in the hereafter? Give them a heaven to live for here on earth!”
Chapter 43: Terrorism – Cleansing a Corrupt World Through God-Ordained Violence

“If the powers that be weren’t busy pitting us against each other, there would be no demand for them to protect us from one another…Man has to be raised to be a wolf to man to give credence to the myth of the Good Shepherd.”
Chapter 44: The Timeless Power Trick – Sow a Divisive Spirit, Swear to Uphold the Peace

“The power of religion derives from a fear the cosmic order could fall apart at any time and only a priestly elite can stop the gods from going crazy.
The religion of power drives from a fear the social order could collapse at any time and only a political elite can stop the people from running riot.”
Chapter 45: Good Violence Cannot Exist Without Bad Violence

“The Old Testament God uses threats of foreign invasions to clinch his supremacy. Here is the blueprint of false flag operations, where the right hand of government makes a show of protecting people, while the left terrorizes them behind the scenes.”
Chapter 46: Let the Bad Times Roll

“The idea that human nature will run amok without punitive checks is like the old wive’s tale that without swaddling bands infants will bite off their fingers and scratch out their eyes.”
Chapter 47: Some Kind of Cracy

“The capacity for feeling and fellow feeling are the crown jewels of mankind, but every generation pawns them to pay for a military-industrial complex.”
Chapter 48: To Cut and Run From Armageddon

“As purveyors of power leaders disappear our humanity through violence and force. As purveyors of love parents bring forth our humanity with nurture and support until it appears in all its glory.”
Chapter 49: We Are Not the Enemy! The Enemy if From Outer Space!

“The catalyst for revolution is replacing a leadership model that demands obedience and submission with a parenting one that fosters autonomy and self-realization.”
Chapter 49: We Are Not the Enemy! The Enemy if From Outer Space!

“Unlike President Reagan, we don’t have to wish for an alien invasion. We just have to remember that one already happened. Gods of devouring fire raided the earth from outer space and torched the human race. These wrath-crazed gods have always been the real enemy of man, and by allying ourselves with them we split off from our humanity and made man the enemy.”
Chapter 49: We Are Not the Enemy! The Enemy if From Outer Space!